Who We Are


Olly Dove

Living up to her bird name, Olly Dove is a marine ecology PhD candidate researching the foraging behaviour of little penguins and short-tailed shearwaters. Olly’s favourite part of working in zoology is undoubtedly the adventures of fieldwork it leads her to, and she loves sharing stories about the natural world with others. When not hanging out with critters, Olly spends her free time by running around footy ovals and escaping into creative writing. Within the TWICS team, Olly is the weekly host of the show, as well as the content manager and one of the team’s editors.

Co-Manager and Weekly Host

Dr Kate Johnson

As a plant scientist, currently working at EPFL in Switzerland, Kate researches how climatic extremes like drought and freezing affect plants, with a focus on trees. Kate loves rock-hopping, tree climbing and running around in the bush. She also loves art and literature, especially poetry and painting. At TWICS Kate is the funding manager and a roving host, recording episodes from the coasts of Tassie to 3,500 metres in the Rocky Mountains. With a love of words, images and stories, Kate loves learning, and chatting with others about the magic of science and nature!

Co-Manager and Co-Host

Anna Abela

Anna was part of the founding TWICS team, while working in IT and Digital Design her episodes focused on technology and environmentalism. Several years and a career change later, she re-joined TWICS as the Social Media Team manager. Anna's experience with Digital Coordination and Communications, keeps our systems running smoothly. As a Co-Host, she loves to showcase innovative and inspiring guests across multiple disciplines - but has a special interest in design, technology and art.

Co-Manager and Co-Host

Hannah McCleary

Hannah currently works in science education and outreach, aiming to inspire the next generation of STEM professionals. In 2022 she graduated from the University of Tasmania with a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Law with Honours in Law. She has a strong interest in environmental science and is passionate about making all science accessible.

Social Media Coordinator and Co-Host

Ryan Smith

Originally following his farming roots and studying plant science, Ryan’s STEM career path is much like TWICS: varied, exciting and still in relative infancy! He has since switched his focus from plants and is now an honours student in medical research. Working with the blood pressure research group at Menzies Institute for Medical Research (alongside show founder Dr Niamh Chapman), his research aims to improve the accuracy of cuff-based blood pressure devices. Ryan is keen to explore every open avenue to him and his widespread interests. You can hear Ryan co-host episodes on Plant Science, Medical Research and Astronomy, just to name a few!

Production Team Coordinator and Co-Host

Meredith Castles

Meredith Castles is a technologist and human-computer interaction specialist. Her research seeks to design better technology by studying the increasingly complex relationship that people (and animals!) have with technology, exploring concepts of gamification and user interface physics, with this transdisciplinary research approach potentially having wide-reaching impact in fields such as information behaviour, physics, and psychology. Outside of research Meredith is a passionate science communicator, always looking for ways to have that one conversation with people that really humanises science for them. She spends her (limited!) spare time live streaming science to the masses, scripting theatre shows, acting in various things, and generally making nerd culture cool.

Production Team and Co-Host

Mibu Fischer

Mibu Fischer is a Marine Ethnoecologist within CSIRO’s Oceans & Atmosphere Business Unit. Her research focuses on the weaving of Indigenous and Western sciences, specifically the connections between communities and coastal/marine environments, and management practices of modern-day fisheries, coastal and conservation management. Her interests are around bridging gaps that draw attention to indigenous communities facing frontline impacts and changes to coastlines, ecosystems and livelihoods from climate change. Within the TWICS team she is a co-host focussing on Indigenous and marine science content, and helps out within the social media team. Her favourite type of water body are seas, in particular the Coral Sea.

Social Media Team and Co-Host

Ellie Clapham

Ellie is a PhD candidate at the Menzies Institute for Medical Research. Her PhD research is focused on high blood pressure and aims to work out how patients and health practitioners can be best supported to manage this important risk factor, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Ellie has been interested in all things health and medicine related since her childhood. Alongside her studies in Medical Research, she loves to play footy and run with a local run club. Within the TWICS team, Ellie helps with social media team and is a co-host of episodes centred on medical research and health sciences – which she loves!

Social Media Team and Co-Host

Hannah Moore

With the nickname of ‘The Messiah of Fire’, Hannah is a Volcanology PhD student at UTAS researching the volcanic eruption of Mount Tarawera in 1886—New Zealand’s most devastating historical eruption. She is also a geology tour guide on the Tasman Peninsula, which allows her to combine her love of science communication, nature and geology. When she's not unravelling the mysteries of volcanoes, Hannah enjoys bushwalking, surfing, and playing hockey for a local team. As well as being an editor for TWICS, Hannah is a co-host and is planning to bring in some exciting guests from the Earth Sciences discipline to deepen our understanding of our planet's inner workings and geological history.

Production Team and Co-Host

Katya Bandow

Katya is a botanist who loves absolutely everything about plants. She has worked with fossil plants, eucalyptus forests, grasslands, and as a consultant ecologist. Katya is passionate about science communication and hopes to bring more people to enjoy the world of botany. In her free time, you will find her looking for rare and wonderful plants in the Tasmanian wilderness or snuggling her rescue greyhound.

Social Media Team and Co-Host

Simin Salarpour

Simin, the Stargazer of the Desert, holds a PhD in astrophysics and a master's degree in cosmology. Fascinated by the universe's evolution and the secrets of black holes, she explores the interplay between celestial giants and geodetic measurements on Earth. As a science communicator, Simin guides captivating radio astronomy tours, igniting the wonder of the cosmos in children's hearts. Beyond her love for astronomy, she finds joy in dancing, movies, and helping others. Simin's editorial and co-hosting roles for TWICS, including the space mini-series, showcase her dedication to expanding scientific knowledge and empowering a new generation of aspiring astronomers to reach for the stars.

Production Team and Co-Host

Georgia Stewart

Georgia loves all things space! She is currently a PhD candidate in theoretical astrophysics where she studies some of the most energetic phenomena in the Universe, Active Galactic Nuclei. Georgia is passionate about inspiring others to pursue their interests in physics and astronomy and through her science communication, aims to make astro-related topics accessible to all. Outside of her scientific pursuits, she enjoys playing and refereeing rugby union, and following more artistic ventures. Within the TWICS team, Georgia helps out with social media and co-hosts episodes related to physics and maths.

Social Media Team and Co-Host

Emma Hamasaki

Emma is an up-and-coming social scientist and science communicator. With a background in music, art, and social media. She explores the way science can be communicated in captivating ways, from creative mediums to engaging chats with people. Emma loves delving into different perspectives, uncovering the wonders of the world through deep conversations and will always be up for a craft nights with big cups of tea.

Social Media Team and Co-Host

Sarah Lyden

Sarah is a Senior Lecturer in Electrical Power Engineering with the School of Engineering at UTAS. Sarah’s research focuses on renewable energies and their integration into the grid. She also has a strong interest in sustainability and has been teaching the Engineers without Borders (EWB) challenge to year 1 students at UTAS since 2018. She has also travelled to Nepal with EWB as an academic facilitator on the humanitarian design summits program. Sarah joined the TWICS team in late 2019 as a co-host bringing engineering content to the program and has recently joined the production team. She is passionate about introducing listeners to the incredibly diverse world of engineering and changing the perception of the engineering profession.

Production Team and Co-Host