Our Story

That’s What I Call Science (TWICS) was created to provide a media platform for people from under-represented backgrounds to talk about Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths, and Medicine (STEMM).

Diversity is not only central to the content we produce but also to our team. TWICS is a volunteer-led organisation that seeks to bring together diverse community-minded people from all areas of STEMM. Our vibrant team of people learn and share skills in media production, event management, content promotion, and community engagement. 

What started with café planning sessions and live radio shows at our local community radio station grew into the show we have today, now broadcast Australia-wide on community radio stations and listened to worldwide as a podcast. Since 2018, the team has grown and changed and so has the scope of TWICS. While excellent radio content will always be a constant, we have expanded to running events including creating an online gallery to celebrate the diverse people who work in STEMM i n lutruwita/Tasmania.

We are ever-grateful to our team members and the broader community who support our values and help us to highlight and share the diversity of STEMM and the people who do it!

TWICS Alumni

Dr Niamh Chapman (she/her)

PhD in medical science and health services research in 2021. Niamh is currently working as a Senior Researcher at the University of Sydney with a focus on improving the management of blood pressure, for which Niamh uses community engagement and communications in her research. As founding director, Niamh recruited team members, secured funding, worked with stakeholders including Edge Radio, the Department of Education and Inspiring Australia, managed scheduling of content and was the Weekly Host for 2019-2022.

Dr Bianca Deans (she/her)

Has a PhD in organic chemistry – essentially a great excuse for combining her passions of bushwalking, identifying plants, and working out what molecules plants make! She is a strong supporter of science engagement in the Tasmanian community over the past decade, including as a science communicator in various groups. Bianca now works within the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TIA) at the University of Tasmania to promote diverse pathways in STEMM in communities, and to raise the profile of agriculture. As a TWICS founding team member in 2019, she co-hosted a range of episode themes, from cider-making to killer whale diets, drug synthesis fingerprints to science outreach in the Southern Ocean. To check out Bianca’s work, we suggest listening to Episode 4 which was a strong feature in our nomination for Best New Program 2019. A highlight for Bianca whilst part of TWICS was interviewing and connecting with many passionate researchers and advocates in STEMM – leaving an interview buzzing from the amazing guests was fantastic!

Ash Russell (they/them)

Is finishing their PhD in neuroscience and biostatistics, which means they are trying to understand the brain by using maths. As a TWICS founding member, Ash helped start the radio show and co-hosted many episodes on medical science. Check out episodes 37 and 67 for a couple of our favourites. Ash currently runs the Young Tassie Scientists program which trains postgraduates in science communication before touring them around the state to celebrate National Science Week in August every year. Many TWICS members first discovered their passion for science communication as part of this program, and Ash is dedicated to supporting future science communicators in Tasmania. A TWICS highlight for Ash was the time they spent creating the intro and outro tunes for the show, which took many late nights searching for the perfect sound bites. They also fondly remember some of their more lively show topics, such as medical marijuana and the science of orgasms. When not working on their PhD or training scientists, Ash works as an LGBTIQ+ advocate and government advisor.

Dr Olivia Holloway (she/her)

Completed a PhD in neuroscience in 2022 and is currently studying postgraduate medicine at the University of Western Australia. Olivia was a TWICS team member (2019-2022), Medical Science Co-Host and Social Media Manager, and facilitated Youth episodes. As the lead for the social media team for many years, Olivia was often a behind-the-scenes powerhouse. There are two stand-out memories for Olivia, one is attending the Community Broadcasting Australia awards and seeing TWICS receive an award for best new radio show! The other standout memory is interviewing Nobel prize winner, Professor Elizabeth Blackburn. She cherishes the memories and opportunities that arose from being part of such a strong and supportive group.

Kelsey Picard (she/her)

Was a TWICS team member (2020-2022), Plant Science Co-Host, social media promotion, and team member for the Diversity in STEMM Gallery production. As a co-host, Kelsey was hooked on helping raise the profile of talented, interesting people who may normally fade into the background; we suggest checking out Episode 107 for some fun facts about soil. She credits the skills she gained through TWICS for her ability to comfortably interview brewers about the science behind beer in front of live audiences in Science Made Beerable events. Kelsey currently juggles her time between raising a 2-year-old, finishing her PhD, and co-managing Science Made Beerable.

Ellie Clapham (she/her)

Ellie was a social media team member (2022- 2023) and co-hosted episodes centered on medical research and health sciences. Ellie is a PhD candidate at the Menzies Institute for Medical Research. Her PhD research is focused on high blood pressure and aims to work out how patients and health practitioners can be best supported to manage this important risk factor, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Ellie has been interested in all things health and medicine-related since her childhood. Alongside her studies in Medical Research, she loves to play footy and run with a local run club.