Episode 1: Tasmanian Bushfires, fire fuel and fresh air.

In light of recent Tasmania’s recent bushfires, we delved into two key aspects of fire, fuels and planning and the effects of smoke on human health.

We interview James Furlaud about how we understand fires and the way research into fires informs how we prevent and manage them in the future.

James is a PhD student at the School of Natural Sciences and Fire Centre at the University of Tasmania.

The Fire Centre Research Hub was established by the University of Tasmania last year with the aim of connecting scientists and relevant research with government, weather and emergency services. It also aims to assist communities to prepare for fire, and to understand traditional fire management by engaging with local Indigenous communities. For more information: https://firecentre.org.au/


Next we interview Dr Fay Johnston, associate professor at the Menzies Institute for Medical Research, about the health risks of smoke exposure and what steps to take if you are at risk. For more information: (http://www.utas.edu.au/profiles/staff/menzies/fay-johnston)


Intro music credit: Kevin McLeod Retro Future Nasty

Episode image credit: Nick Monk Photography. 

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