Episode 20: Diamonds from the deep.

Whether you’re the hardest beauty around, a diamond in the rough, or perhaps a girl’s best friend, there’s no doubting the reputation of the most sought after mineral on earth. But how do diamonds come to exist, where do they travel from, and are there any in Tasmania? These are some of the core questions that we cover in this week’s episode when we’re joined by special guest geologist Adam Abersteiner, PhD researcher from the University of Tasmania. Listen in for a journey that takes up from the depths of the Earth, with extreme temperature and pressures yielding some of the most precious and scientifically-scintillating rocks! This week’s geological discussions also showcase the key role of Tasmanian research towards the search for diamonds & finding what lies beneath us, beyond the physical limits of exploration!

Special guest: Adam Abersteiner, PhD researcher, University of Tasmania

Image: Diamond in situ within kimberlite rock (courtesy of Adam Abersteiner)

Intro music: adapted from Kevin McLeod Retro Future Nasty

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