Episode 33: Killer Whales: Diets, Chemistry & Secrets from the Deep.

Killer whales: highly intelligent, social and elusive. Surely this is the perfect challenge for a marine scientist? Especially when killer whales spend a mere 2% of their lives on the surface of the ocean! Tune in this week as we chat killer whales with Ben Sellers, PhD researcher from the Institute for Marine & Antarctic Science at the University of Tasmania. Ben is a passionate researcher & science communicator, and this week we delve into their complex lives, covering ecology, chemistry & conservation. Citizen science also plays a key role in Ben’s research, with the not-for-profit group Killer Whales Australia a great way to report sightings of killer whales for research efforts. Join us this week for fresh perspective on these stunning marine mammals. 

Ben’s research is funded by Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment with Wild Ocean Tasmania, Killer Whales Australia and CETREC (Cetacean Research) as major collaborators.

Special Guest: Ben Sellers (IMAS, UTAS)

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