Episode 48: Intercept of Indigenous Knowledge and Marine Science

There is a wealth of Indigenous Knowledge in Australia, today we are talking about the intersection between Indigenous Knowledge of sea country and marine science. Host Niamh Chapman interviewed three guests from CSIRO: Engagement Programs Coordinator Dr. Ben Arthur, Palawa woman and Coordinator of the Indigenous Time at Sea Scholarship Hannah McCleary and Quandamooka woman and researcher at CSIRO Mibu Fischer.

 For more information:

The link to the ITSS program is: https://mnf.csiro.au/en/Education/ITSS-Scholarship

The link to info on the first voyage is: https://mnf.csiro.au/en/Voyages/IN2019_T03

Hosts: Niamh Chapman 

Production: Meredith Castles

Media: Olivia Holloway

Image credit: Hannah McCleary CSIRO 

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