Episode 50: International Women’s Day Part 1 – The Co-Hosts

In celebration of International women’s day (8th of March), we have an awesome 3-part special! 

To kick it off, we have an episode with ALL of our team members at TWICS. 

Tune in to get to know the women working hard behind the scenes to bring weekly content covering all things STEM. We will also introduce a team member each day of this week and highlight the contributions women are making to our science community – follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates search (@ThatsScienceTAS) or use the links below. 

Hannah McCleary is our newest member and wasn’t in this recording – check out the Indigenous Knowledge episode we recently recorded with her! 

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Hosts: Niamh Chapman, Dr. Sarah Lyden, Kelsey Picard, Allanna Russell, Meredith Castles and Olivia Holloway.

Production: Meredith Castles

Media: Olivia Holloway

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