Episode 66: There’s an app for that!

In this episode, Niamh and Meredith talk to UTAS technologist and lecturer Dr Lindsay Wells who specialises in mobile application development. They discuss the way the world is increasingly going mobile, and the benefits and risks that move opens up for us all.

They delve into the recent controversy surrounding the Government’s COVID app and the distrust of data handling that sparked it, and the wonderful world of User Experience (UX) design and how the tech industry continues to undervalue the end-user when it comes to the design of tech.

Show theme music: Kevin MacLeod

Hosts: Niamh Chapman (@nchapmanTAS) & Meredith Castles (@meredithcastles)
Production: Meredith Castles (@meredithcastles)
Media & Promotion: Olivia Holloway (@LivHolloway_) & Kate Johnson (@KatePlantPhys)

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