Episode 105: Taking a dive into fisheries science

Tun-a in to hear Olly and Niamh chat with Craig Proctor about the bubbly underwater world of fisheries science! 

Across multiple decades, Craig’s career has led him from learning Indonesian in the classroom, to working as an international fisheries scientist in Indonesia, to being back in the classroom inspiring future scientists while encouraging them to keep up their language skills. His pathway took a few unexpected turns along the way, so join us to hear his fishy tale. 

Show theme music: Kevin MacLeod

Hosts: Niamh Chapman (@nchapmanTAS) & Olly Dove (@littledove440)
Production: Meredith Castles (@meredithcastles) & Olly Dove (@littledove440) & Sarah Lyden
Media & Promotion: Olivia Holloway (@LivHolloway_) & Kate Johnson (@KatePlantPhys)

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