Episode 133: Techno Criminology

Citizen Science is the new hotness that explores how ‘non-experts’ can research alongside scientists. ‘Big data’ means there is now more data than can humanly (and computationally) be processed by experts alone. 

This week, Niamh and Meredith speak to Criminology lecturer Dr Vicky Nagy about her use of Citizen Science to help process the massive amount of historical crime data, simultaneously increasing student engagement in the data and providing transcription services to the archivists! 

Show theme music: Kevin MacLeod

Host: Niamh Chapman (@nchapmanTAS)
Co-Host: Meredith Castles (@meredithcastles)
Production: Meredith Castles (@meredithcastles)
Media & Promotion: Sophie Calabretto (@sophluidynamics) & Kate Johnson (@KatePlantPhys)

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