Episode 155: Funds for Research

This week we look at scientific research from a whole new perspective! CEO of the Royal Hobart Hospital Research Foundation, Heather Francis, explains how funding bodies like @rhhresearchfoundation allow local Tasmanian scientists to undertake important medical research.

This episode discusses the entire spectrum of funding intricacies; including increased interest from large corporate bodies, to the impact that greater scientific engagement has on a community level. We also discuss how @rhhresearchfoundation makes maximises the capacity building support they provide to local Tasmanian scientists.

Tune in to learn how science comes to life through funding!

Show theme music: Kevin MacLeod

Host: Niamh Chapman (@nchapmanTAS)

Co-Host: Ellie Clapham (@eleanorclapham)

Production: Ryan Smith 

Media & Promotion: Ellie Clapham (@eleanorclapham) 

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