Episode 213: Inclusion in Botany and STEMM

Fossils, plants and big data are three things Dr Matilda Brown loves and brings together in their position in the Conservation Assessment and Analysis team at the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew in London. Join Dr Kate Johnson to hear about Matilda’s work in a wonderland of palm-houses and rooms full of pressed plants where she seeks not only to improve the inclusion of plants in world-wide data-sets but also the inclusion of people in STEMM . Matilda’s aspirations are the academic triple-threat of research, teaching and improving inclusion, and also to finish the jumper she started knitting three years ago.

Show theme music: Kevin MacLeod

Host: Kate Johnson (KatePlantPhys)

Production: Meredith Castles (@MeredithCastles)  

Media & Promotion: Katya Bandow (@katyabandow)

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