Episode 204: ESA Darwin Part 1

In July 2023, hundreds of ecologists from across Australia flocked to Darwin. It wasn’t just by coincidence, but for the Ecological Society of Australia’s annual conference. TWICS’ Olly was one of those ecologists, and she took the microphone with her to capture the exciting ecological work happening across Australia. 

In part 1 of this double bill, you’ll hear from Professor Euan Ritchie from Deakin University and his opinion that scientists should be allowed to have opinions. Up next, we have Suzannah, Lorinna, Alexandria, and Cara from the Warddeken Land Management team and their roles as rangers monitoring wildlife. The episode rounds out with snapshot interviews with as many poster session attendees as Olly could chase down with the mic.

Show theme music: Kevin MacLeod

Host: Olly Dove (@olly_dove)

Production: Olly Dove (@olly_dove)

Media & Promotion: Hannah McCleary (@mccleary_hannah)

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