Episode 205: ESA Darwin Part 2

In July 2023, hundreds of ecologists from across Australia flocked to Darwin. It wasn’t just by coincidence, but for the Ecological Society of Australia’s annual conference. TWICS’ Olly was one of those ecologists, and she took the microphone with her to capture the exciting ecological work happening across Australia. 

In part 2 of this double bill, you’ll hear from Challis Pulotu from the School of Science and Technology at the Pacific Adventist University and his work researching Traditional Ecological Knowledge and the Raggiana Bird of Paradise in Papua New Guinea. Up next, we have Dr Elodie Camprasse from Deakin University and we get to hear all about her work investigating the behaviour of the enigmatic Giant Spider Crab (Spider Crab Watch). We then head back to the poster session for snapshot interviews with a dozen more ecologists!

Show theme music: Kevin MacLeod

Host: Olly Dove (@olly_dove)

Production: Olly Dove (@olly_dove)

Media & Promotion: Emma Hamasaki (@EmmaHamasaki)

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